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Painting Services
Durango Colorado

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When it comes to looking for local painting contractors, most people think of some form of construction repair service options. However, one of the most popular needs for more area residents, homeowners, and local small business owners is finding reliable and affordable Durango painting contractors.

It seems as if more Durango house painters only want to offer fast and cheap service, without regard to what it’ll be like to live with their finished project. We are not the cheapest but we are the BEST. If you’re unhappy with how a paint job came out, you could be stuck with it for months before you find better professional painting contractors that are within your budget.

Commercial painting contractors can be similarly difficult to find. In business, appearances are everything; so when Durango painting companies don’t deliver the level of quality that company deserves, it can make it difficult to provide your customers with the atmosphere that you need to push your business further.

The Best Choice in Painting

Instead of overpaying for poor quality local Durango Colorado painting services, you could have the best value in town by choosing Rocky Top Painting. More area homeowners and business owners know that we provide the best in residential and commercial painting services.

Whether you need the reassurance that you’ll be able to stay within your budget, or merely need the peace of mind that your home or office is in the best hands possible, we are always there for your residential and office painting needs.

The Difference?

The difference when you use us is that we aren’t concerned with what’s easiest for us. Instead, we strive always to give you the best quality possible, whether we’re offering residential painting services for your home, commercial painting for your office space or other business, or even in giving you our best free estimates. No matter what you need, we can ensure that you get the best quality possible for less. It’s how we’ve developed a reputation for being the best professional painting contractor team around.


Residential painting contractors are always difficult to find when you care about how the job looks. Some residential painting contractors treat painting as a luxury, and unless you tell them otherwise, they’ll only use cheap quality paint and the same textured finish for all of your interior surfaces. This gives your home the same boring color and look throughout your home, and often doesn’t even look like it was painted at all.

Instead, we can help advise you on what colors, techniques, and finishes are the right choices for you. Even if it doesn’t give us a larger price tag, we always want what works the best for you and your exact needs. When you give your customers the best quality instead of focusing on cost, it always achieves the best results possible. For the best in interior and exterior residential painting services, just call us for your job.


Anyone who owns their own business or commercially zoned property knows the struggle of finding commercial services that they can trust. Many local commercial painting companies charge a premium simply because you have an office space instead of a house. However, many commercial properties are smaller or have simple floor plans, allowing a paint job to take less time. So why should you have to pay more just to have your commercial property taken care of?

When you need better pricing on having your office building painted, call our team first. We always offer the most competitive rate possible, even when you need a specialty corporate paint color or another specialized paint scheme. From ensuring that your company’s colors are front and center to simply giving you the quality of finish that you can’t find with anyone else, we’re the best choice for your commercial property each time.


One of the areas in professional paint services that our company excels in is providing accurate home and commercial painting estimates.  Some companies will quote a lower price, only to wind up far off base or hitting you with hidden costs and fees at the time of invoicing. Suddenly a “cheap” painting job is anything but, and you’re left with a higher cost than you were expecting.

Instead, our professional team has the experience that you can trust to have a fair and accurate quote for your needs. Even if you’ve never hired a professional painting contractor before, we can help you pick the best style, color, and technique of paint application, giving you the best job possible for your exact needs and preferences.


Other companies try to push you towards painting services that won’t benefit your home or office as much as they would other customers. Instead, they know that these types of painting applications carry higher price tags. Instead of up-selling you on paint services you don’t need, we only help you find the perfect solutions regardless of price.

We’re committed to offering only the best in local painting services. And because we aren’t focused on only our bottom line, more residential and commercial customers trust us with their interior and exterior painting needs above anyone else. Even if you’re looking for a second opinion on your painting estimate, we’re always here to help with better quality and professional services.

If you’re ready to have the best painting quality for your home or office, then just give us a call today. Schedule your free quote today for better painting services.

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